Transparent FTP Security Software

For Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 and UNIX

SafeTP is a revolutionary new security application for Windows and UNIX users who use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to connect to their accounts on UNIX or NT/2000 FTP servers. The traditional FTP protocol is highly insecure: it sends passwords in the clear. For this reason FTP has been recognized as one of the largest remaining security liabilities in most UNIX systems.

The key advantage of SafeTP is transparency. When SafeTP is installed, any ordinary Windows FTP client automatically becomes a Secure FTP client, without any further user intervention. SafeTP intercepts outgoing FTP network connections, and encrypts the traffic before relaying it to the network.

General Information:

FREE Software Download, and Specific Product Info:

Jun. 19 2001: A public SafeTP "test" FTP server has been setup for users to test their client installation:, port 21 (anonymous, read-only access)

Jan. 4 2001: Version 2.0 of the SafeTP/Windows client has been released. This version adds support for Windows ME. There are no security fixes. Get it here.

Nov. 27 2000: Version 1.46 of SafeTP Server has been released for UNIX and Windows NT/2000. It adds support for client-side firewalls. The NT/2000 version includes the new & improved Winetd v0.2 and much better documentation. There are no security fixes in either release. See the upgrade page for details on upgrading an existing UNIX install.

Nov. 21 2000: Version 1.9 of the SafeTP/Windows client has been released. This version adds better support for firewalls, a higher-performance tamperproof-only file encoding option, and fixes many bugs to provide increased stability. There are no security fixes. Get the newest version here.

For Berkeley Users:
A few of the SafeTP-enabled servers available on campus:

See Usage for an example of how to use ftp.

Questions, Comments and Bug Reports:

Dan Bonachea - Windows software   (email)
Scott McPeak - UNIX software       (email)