MD5 checksums for SafeTP releases

MD5 is a cryptographic hash function. If the MD5 hash (signature) of what you download matches what's here, then it's likely the download worked. On unix, use the md5sum program. On windows, you can get this utility.

SafeTP Windows Client (SafeTP*.EXE)

v2.0 = 9a31c9dda8790b22dcebfd80f464fc09
v1.9 = 24457a1c96d1e77540b9f3f4dc1fd642
v1.8 = c7bd492ef5f7e6991b4575d8b8389989 
v1.7 = 57bdfe9d55b40dfc654ed52c11b41fcf 
v1.6 = d9e3676569f49dd2265ac7fb5426f0d5 
v1.5 = d25996109f48b273eecab1155f24e87c 

SafeTP UNIX Server Sources (sftpd.tar.gz)

v1.50 = a01338b4e0a13692ed893d067f115d75
v1.46 = 0bfddb7e1d3f0eea675a4564008d44a1
v1.45 = 121124a3701d5883ebf368dfa7568ddd
v1.44 = f6d08806be0c5a97f4a37a039595f37e
v1.40 = e8333b8ad08f35d27cea5bc561c9ad4e 
v1.11 = ae91368d071101f0d618b36067df559f
v1.10 = 68425384389f69bad9b86cfffe8b7355 

SafeTP NT/2000 Server (

v1.46 = ccbb446f54d4c194ad7a58e283a4d6f0
v1.40 = 01a5dcfba1f1d69050cdf9227e4c311b 

Winetd (winetd*.zip)

v0.1 = ac3ea46303f1bce6c071af6d0e19b68e

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