Success/failure matrix for elsa-2005.08.22b

Tarball md5sum:

  eadbccc84e0d7e2f84c3b36604c53366  elsa-2005.08.22b.tar.gz

2005-09-17: Note that this is an updated version of elsa-2005.08.22.tar.gz. The only change is to the timestamps of smbase/{s,}objlist.h. I have only tested the new tarball with gcc-2.95.3/x86, and am just assuming that it works elsewhere because elsa-2005.08.22.tar.gz did.

This version has been tested and works with:

This version appears to fail on:

Systems where previous versions of this software have worked, but I am either too lazy or do not have the necessary access to test this version:

If you have results that aren't on this table, or which contradict the table, let me know.