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How to get SafeTP (Server & Client) for UNIX:


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Patches/info for older versions:

Documentation for Unix tools:

Under Unix the SafeTP client (sftpc) is a stand-alone FTP client, and can be used as a drop-in replacement for the standard command-line client ftp.

sftpd, the Unix server, works in conjunction with a system's existing FTP server daemon (ftpd). sftpd provides confidentiality and server authentication via encryption, and ftpd provides user authentication via (for example) usernames and passwords.

Supported Platforms

SafeTP should run on any Unix system with a sockets library, inetd, and an existing FTP server.

SafeTP is known to work on these platforms (the processor/version in parentheses are the particular instances that have been tested; it probably works with other combinations as well):

The configure script may work on other platforms too. If your platform isn't listed above, but you find it works (or doesn't!), drop me a line.

Porting SafeTP to new systems should be relatively easy. Please send me ( any changes you find necessary.

Contacting the authors

Comments about SafeTP as a whole, including the protocol, should be sent to both Dan Bonachea and Scott McPeak.

Comments specific to the Unix implementation (sftpc/sftpd), or the Unix-oriented web pages, should be directed to Scott.

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