SafeTP Server on Windows NT/2000

There is a version of the server available that runs on Windows NT/2000.

SafeTP requires an existing (insecure) FTP server already be installed on the system (because the server, like the client, is just a proxy - it adds security to an existing FTP daemon, which handles most of the "real" file work).

This means existing installations continue to use whatever ftpd program is desirable as the insecure host daemon - as long as it's listening on the IP/port that's passed in the -f switch to sftpd, everything will work. Windows 2000 ships with one such "legacy" FTP server (Microsoft IIS). Here are some other legacy FTP Servers for NT.

The server requires an Inetd driver program that is used to spawn a server session when clients connect. We recommend using the free Winetd driver included in the sftpd-NT archive. As a convenience to Hummingbird Exceed users, the server can also be used with the Inetd program that ships with Exceed 6.x (their inetd is also available as a separate product).

Incidentally, the server also operates correctly on Windows 9x (with the Win9x version of Hummingbird Inetd 6.x), but this is not recommended for more than personal use because Windows 9x is inherently an insecure OS.

Download SafeTP Server for Windows NT/2000

Includes sftpd v1.46 and winetd v0.2, released 11/27/2000

Documentation for Server on NT:

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